About Us

The business was established by former Alfa Romeo Touring car mechanic Gethin Llewelyn. As well as having vast experience in the Alfa Racing scene, Gethin has worked at, and been trained by, a number of main dealerships around Surrey and Sussex. These include: Alfa Romeo, Skoda, Vauxhall, Kia & VW.

Our site on the Balcome Road in Horley has a long and proud history in the Motor industry. It was originally the site of “The Horley Motor & Engineering Company” estabilished prior to world war one in 1902. From here to 1914 the company produced their own cars and motorcycles branded “The Horley” after the town. Following the war the company changed hands and purpose a number of times, but has always maintained some form of motor trade on the site to this day.

Here at the “new” Horley Motor & Engineering Company we are proud to carry this torch on into the new millennium and aim to be a leading light in the motor industry serving the local community around the Horley area.

Who knows, one day we may even try to produce another Horley Motor Car!!

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